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Wheel Nut Plastic Insert
Box of 10 Plastic Inserts

SKU : WSU-18501 Category
SKU : WSU-18501 Category


Our Plastic inserts for the Wheel nuts and Hub covers have been designed to help protect the product during installation and removal.

The Plastic insert for the Hub cover is installed before the hub cover allowing the cover to sit securely over the Assembly. The Socket insert slides into the WStarUSA insulated socket to prevent the Chromed wheel nuts from being damaged when being installed or removed.

The plastic composition has been tested and guaranteed down to -45 degrees Celsius to + 45 degrees Celsius and is impact resistant. The insert is made with 8 teeth of 2”7 / 16 and / or 62mm as well as 4 holes to enter a screwdriver to remove the hub cover.

This product sold per box of 8 pcs.


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