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luxurious Wheels

Made with A passion for technology

Built Tough, Looks Luxurious

W Star USA wheels are built from high quality aluminum delivering a luxurious appearance.

Both our wheels and our chromed wheel nuts have been designed and are manufactured to the highest of standards.

Our Products

We provide truck wheels, wheel nuts, hub covers, inserts and sockets. 

Take your truck to the next level

The New Standard Wheel to Get Started

Be different, Be Colorful

W Star USA's wheels and hub covers are sold in various colors (Black, Orange, Red, Blue) and Polish.

No Oxidization

With our high quality wheel nuts, you don’t have to worry about oxidization when transferring from your Wheel nuts to your wheels.

high Adaptability

W Star USA wheels and wheel nuts are engineered and manufactured to exceed industry standards worldwide. With our wide range of Rim sizes, we can suit all your needs.

Lower Cost

We have engineered our premium quality wheels and Wheel nuts to require less maintenance due to corrosion resistant material and protective finishes.

Unique Technology

We have invested thousands of hours in engineering, technology and testing our products to give you the impact your investment deserves.

Business Support

W Star USA offers our customers and dealers a dedicated account manager and customer support team for our products. Our team strives to supply a high level of services to match our products.


“Your truck represents your company; it’s your business card on the road. It’s always good to stand out when you want to be noticed.

There are many ways to catch the eye: a truck in flamboyant colors, accessories that make you dream, and now it’s even possible to replace the wheels!

The trucks that I’ve been lucky enough to deliver that had colored wheels generated a  lot of talk and turned a lot of heads.

It is a great form of advertising for the company that can attract drivers and even contracts! I always encourage my clients to dare and stand out from the crowd!”

Patrick Raymond
Sales Representative,

”  When I did get them installed, I couldn’t believe how much of an impact they had on my truck. The Same day I got them installed I had other drivers stop me and ask me where I got them. ​” 

Gabriel Gaucher
MH Transport

0741- GG 4x6 © sonya messier

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